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EW 6000LB DC 12V/24V

Single Line Rated Pull 6000Ibs(2722)kg
Motor 1.6HP/1.2KW,12V DC Permanent Magnet
Control Romote switch 12ft(3.7m)lead
Gearing Differential planetary
Gear train 3 Stage Planetary
Gear reduction ratio 307:1
Clutch Sliding Ring Gear
Braking Action Automatic In-The Drum
Drum size Diameter 2.52" (64mm) Length 5.26"(134mm)
Wire rope 59ft of 1/4" diameter(18m of 7.2 mm diameter)
Fairlead 4-way Roller Fairlead
Remote Control Include
Battery Leads 4 gauge, 59"(1.5m)
N.W/G.W. 27kg/28kg(1pcs/CTN)
CTN Meas (L譝譎)54?9?5m(1/pcs/CTN)

Pull,Speed,Amperes,Volts(First layer)

Line Pull (Ibs./kg) Line Speed FPM(m/min) Motor(Amps)
0 10.0ft(3.1m) 30
2000(907) 7.5ft(2.3m) 120
4000(1814) 4.9ft(1.5m) 210
6000(2720) 2.9ft(0.9m) 320

Line Pull And Rope Capacity In Layer

Layer Rated Line Pull(Ibs./kg) Tatal Rope On Drum(ft/m)
1 6000(2722) 13.0(4.0)
2 4990(2265) 29.0(9.0)
3 4285(1940) 48.0(14.6)
4 3730(1690) 69.0(21.0)
5 3310(1500) 79.0(24.0)


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